Plant-Based Camping

We just got back from nine days of camping in a tent, and boy did it feel good to get home to a comfy bed. It was a fun challenge to plan, prepare, pack, and cook all our own food though. I’m very grateful for our little gas camp stove.

This year we decided to go plant-based instead of bringing the usual hot dogs, bacon, eggs, milk, and burgers. I didn’t hear any complaints! Here are some of the things we made below. We improvised the rest from leftover meals and ingredients we had on hand.

Of course the mountains, rivers, meadows, and forests were incredibly beautiful and healing too. Hope you find these recipes helpful if you get out on your own nature adventure!

Coconut french toast with crusty fluffy bread (baked before the trip and frozen), blueberries, plums and vegan sausages

Teriyaki tofu stirfry with noodles and greens

Plant-based burgers with homemade buns (baked before the trip and frozen), green beans and melted chocolate fondue with bananas, marshmallows and graham crackers

Banana peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes for a special morning treat

Restorative coconut ginger dal after a long day

Lunch while hiking: trail mix, chocolate zucchini muffins (baked before the trip and frozen, using flax seeds instead of eggs in the batter), apples and oranges, veggie chips, protein and fruit bars, chocolate, and tons of water

Camping chili burritos with plant-based ground meat instead of turkey

Peanut butter banana apricot sandwiches on leftover burger buns

Camping minestrone with nutritional yeast and some spinach that we managed to find half-way through the trip in a local small town

Fluffy apple pancakes near the end of the trip since apples keep pretty well

S’mores creations: straight up and in apple, orange, pancake, and bite-sized varieties

Here’s a happy camper face to brighten your day. Wishing you love, peace, and freedom from suffering in your life. Hope you enjoy your meals today!