Japanese Menu: What We’re Eating This Month

Here’s the backstory for this month’s Japanese menu.

When 2021 started, Meggy and I sat down and talked about what kinds of food we wanted to make in the new year.

She said, “What if we cook food from a different country every month?”

“Great!” I said, “We can do plant-based adaptations of traditional recipes. Maybe start out with one recipe per day from that country, with room for our regular family favorites too.”

We were both excited and we made a list of countries:

January – Japan
February – France
March – Mexico / Latino
April – Australia / British
May – Morocco
June – Jamaica / Caribbean
July – Jewish / Mediterranean
August – Austria / German / Scandinavian
September – Saskatchewan / Canadian
October – Oman / African
November – Naples / Italian
December – Delhi / Indian

So here’s what we’re eating this month, starting with Japan-inspired cooking. The first day is January 4, when we got back from our New Year’s RV trip to the Grand Canyon…

And the last 4 days of January are a kind of cleansing veggie/fruit eating plan based on Tony Robbins’ Life Mastery event that we’re attending.

I’ve included links to recipes on other sites as well as this one, depending on where we got our inspiration for this Japanese menu. 🤗

4OatmealSandwichesPea crispsSpinach tofu lasagna
5ToastLentil-rice soupApples + nut butterLeftover lasagna
6Detox smoothiesSalad + breadSesame snapsLeftover soup
7Bread puddingSuperfood saladChocolate almondsPotato leek kale soup with edamame
8Leftover bread puddingLeftover soupFruit snacksChick’n nuggets, soba noodles, baby broccoli
9Molasses raisin breadLeftover nuggets + sobasKiwisPizza with pineapple, garlic, enoki mushrooms, kale
10Granola + yogurtLeftover pizza + saladFig barsMaple balsamic tempeh, fried rice, peas + corn
11OatmealUdon soupIce creamPasta with beans + greens
12Leftover raisin breadLeftover pastaOrangesPotstickers
13Fried eggs, grapefruit, granolaSalad + breadPretzel blondiesJapanese curry with rice
14ToastSuperfood saladDark chocolateMiso salmon, cucumber sunomono, leftover rice
15Detox smoothies + granolaSalad + breadApples + honeyCashew tomato soup from a Zen temple
16Celery juiceOkonomiyaki savory pancakesRed bean mochiLeftover soup, curry + bread
17Oatmeal with blueberriesLeftover okonomiyaki + zucchiniChocolate chip cookiesCreamy miso tofu pasta with bok choy
18French toast with blueberry sauceLeftovers, potatoes, kabochaGrapefruit + honeyPad thai
19Oatmeal with blueberriesImprovised power outage pasta lunchRed bean mochiShepherd’s pie with vegan meat
20Banana breadLeftover pad thaiKale chipsOnigiri with teriyaki tempeh + mushrooms
21Leftover banana breadSalad + breadChocolate almondsLeftover shepherd’s pie
22Granola with raisinsLeftover pastaPearsHomemade sushi + salad
23Apple pancakesLeftover sushi + saladKasutera cakeMinestrone
24Leftover pancakesLeftover minestroneRed bean mochiPizza with pineapple, garlic, enoki mushrooms, kale
25Oatmeal with blueberriesLeftover pizzaClementinesChick’n nuggets, soba noodles, baby broccoli
26Maple pumpkin muffinsLeftover nuggets + sobasKiwisTeriyaki tofu stirfry with rice and veggies
27Toast or muffinsSuperfood saladApplesauceFusilli bolognese with vegan meat
28Celery juice (4-day Life Mastery with Tony Robbins)Superfood saladDetox smoothiesSpinach potato soup
29Celery juiceSuperfood saladDetox smoothiesIrish stew
30Celery juiceSuperfood saladDetox smoothiesStuffed butternut squash + veggies
31Celery juiceSuperfood saladDetox smoothiesLeftover soup/stew/squash

I hope you enjoy following along with us on this Japanese menu journey!

Next up, France month!! I’m excited to make plant-based versions of all our favorite buttery treats. 🤗❤️🎉